Oh my lotus baby

I didn’t think more about it for my first pregnancy… I saw a post someone who did the lotus birth and i look a little search on google and talked about it to my husband but as i imagine first reaction ewwww… you want let a piece of meat beside you? it didn’t smell bad? and another basic question for someone who hear about it for the first time… and that’s it, I just stop and not think nor look more about it too… I also talked to my husband what we did usually to the placenta in Indonesia after give birth, we pray and bury it, but just it, I don’t look more deeply the meaning behind the traditions and my husband said that in France we couldn’t take home the placenta after give birth… even there’s a law for it… so I just accept it, I achieved a natural birth but I feel something missing… I didn’t do anything for Gigi’s placenta that I have regret now after read a book Placenta – The Forgotten Chakra by Robin Lim

Second pregnant, I look more about birthing, not just google but a book, I read one and another again and again, join a facebook group one and other to read their post, their experiences, their recommendation, until I got the answer of what missing in my first birthing for Gigi, and thanks to God who guide me and show me the way… from one to another… and thanks to my super husband that support my wish… so I could have a dream birth that become our dream and we achieve it… welcoming our baby gently from womb to this world and let her time to say goodbye to the placenta by herself… a smooth transition… yes, it is worth the trouble (take care baby and placenta together) and we make a little ritual to honour and give thanks to the placenta, her other self, her guardian angel.


🌸 Rituals 🌸

I believe in magic
I believe in God and His perfect and wonderful creations
I believe in the universe, in the stars, in the Earth, in nature
I believe in life, in its cycles, in its passages
This time, for our daughter, we made a ceremony so that it sow eventually around her a little magic of life 💕

Rampillon, 22/04/2021 – Fae one week old


Today we, your parents and your big sister, wish to honor your coming and symbolically plant your tree of life and your tree 🍀

✨ Your tree of life; placenta, is the other you, this double that accompanied and nourishes you for 9 months that you grew in me
✨ Your tree, a cherry tree, symbols of good fortune and future happiness for the days to come, new beginnings and revival. A beautiful spring tree that the flowers bloom beautifully the day when you, my spring baby was born.

For me, each of its lines and branches draws the path of your life 🌿
Its beautiful, Fae, and so will your life.

Today, your tree of life returns to the Earth
So that it takes root and nourishes you
So that it strengthens you and protects you
So that it accompanies you and guides you

“Where your placenta is, you will come back.”
By your tree, it will always be good to come back.

Here, you are at home, placed in Earth 🌟

Imagine a world in which every human is born with an intact capacity to love -Robin Lim

Have a beautiful day everyone! 🌿🌸

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