A celebration of life

A month ago, we are witnessing
A magical life of human being,
A perfect and wonderful nature,
An amazing and powerful God….

A celebration of life

A gentle natural lotus baby was born at our home sweet home, surrounded with lots of love, peace and calm in the middle of her little family…. Our little daughter: a beautiful fairy who bring magic, grace and blessing flowing like a small brook send from heaven to our family.

Faeriella Célestine Tuis
15 April 2021 at 14.00
3,2 kg 48 cm.

Big thanks to my beloved husband, a wonderful caring and loving person who always be the greatest support above all, who trust we can make it and YES! WE DID IT! We did our dream birth successfully 💖 and it’s really an extraordinary breathtaking marvellous amazing experience in our life that will be engraved in our heart forever and ever.

How you start your life is matters and this how we start our family adventure of 4; gently in our home sweet home 💖

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