Spring feels like summer week-end: Sunny Afternoon

Hello beautiful lover!

After walking around (just two of us) in magical forest of bluebell last Saturday, these time I will share with you our last Sunday adventure ; we played around in the back garden of where we live with magical lilac and lots of wild flowers blooming beautifully decorate the nature. We invite Boubou come along with us to enjoy this beautiful sunny afternoon outside (and yes, he was happy to run and sniff around!). We profit this summer sun to take a picture (again!) to keep these beauty as our family treasure.

After took a photo of us, Guillaume take care of the plants that we grow in the garden from last year…

…with Boubou laying down in the green grass and enjoy the wind blow.

And I continued read the book of Hypnobirthing (wishing and trying to have a gentle and positif birth of my baby in 2 months again!!!! Wish me strong, calm and courage for my first birth).

I’m so grateful that we can have a beautiful moment near where we live with a brightly sun, lots of beautiful flowers and greens while listen to “Better together” by Jack Johnson, its perfect! Isn’t it? Because yes, it’s always better when we’re together…

Thank you so much millions times and more!


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