Spring feels like summer week-end: Magical Forest of Bluebell

Hello beautiful lover!

How was your weekend? Ours it’s magical! We had a beautiful sunny days: Saturday and Sunday, both are sunny! The trees have their greens, the flowers blooming, the bird chipping, the sun shining so brightly like in the summer. I’m so happy that I could dress up like in summer!

Saturday afternoon, we went to our magical forest, we went there every year since the first time Guillaume took me to that forest in Avril 2014, I’m so in love! But these year is different; there’s lots of bluebells blooming beautifully with a summer sun! It’s BEAUTIFUL and WARM! My eyes sparkled, my heart dance and my pain melted for these magnifique moment! It’s so magical! Oh I could be these happier walking around, holding hand with my love and took a picture to keep and cherish these souvenir forever. I’m so millions grateful for these beauty, for the summer sun in the spring season (so we can took these memories beautifully with cloths that I like to put on without worry to feel cold) and for have my love with me to enjoy these beautiful and magical moment together, feel and share the love around.

Thank you, God! Thank you, Univers! Thank you millions times and more!

So here’s our memories that I love to share with you:

I will share about how we spend our beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon (with boubou) in the next post 🙂 Hope you enjoy it!


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