A letter to my baby: These Feelings

Dear the littlest one who growing inside me,

I couldn’t describe these feeling beautifully as much as I feel, 

These very special feeling that I discover when you start moving in my belly,

You are forming, growing and moving inside me,

You are alive and real!

You’re moving like a wave in the ocean,

You’re touching me from the inside like a butterfly kissing the flower in the garden,

I really enjoy these feeling and it amazed me more and more each day,

You give me a warm and beautiful feeling to this year after the cold and broken feeling happen in my last year,

I’m longing to hug you in my arms,

Looking at your eyes, smile and say:

Thank you for give me a chance to feel these amazing and wonderful feeling…. I love you to every beautiful garden in the univers and back <3


Be strong, be healthy, be beautiful inside and out, be happy and remember, just to be you my little one,

We are waiting for you and…

Let’s have a naturally, peacefully, beautifully and joyfully birth together!

#30weekspregnant  #hypnobirthing


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