Beautiful Birthday Little Adventure

Hello Beautiful Lover!

I wish you always have a beautiful day, even when it’s not, close your eyes, think of a beautiful moments that you had, counting the blessing that you got so far and it will be a better day, at least it works for me 🙂 This time, I want to share of you about my last birthday. It was really a beautiful and a happy birthday for me. My love create this moment and I’m so grateful, I fell blessed to have him in my life. I already share some of  the photos at our instagram and facebook, but this time I want share more beautiful photos that we capture for our souvenir.

In the morning, he wake me up while bring a cake with a candle 81, he turn the cake and said “no, it’s not 81 but 18, you are 18 yo” I made a wish and blow the candle with a grateful heart. Then, he took me to the beautiful garden of Claude Monet, one of my fav painter. It’s our second visit to this garden in Giverny, it looks more colourful with lots of big dahlia and less people. More flowers + less people = Happiness!

All the beautiful flowers, the shinning blue sky, the wind blowing, little duck swimming and pretty butterfly dancing with flowers, the bird singing and little bees kissing the flowers, we smiling and laughing, walking around and taking photos, hugging and kissing, writing, drawing and reading in a garden, smiling and laughing again and again… are my beautiful memories that will last forever in my heart

Here’s the souvenir that we had that day:

After walking around, sitting, talking, looking beautiful flowers, enjoying the garden and the beautiful weather all day long, we rest in a beautiful chambre d’hôte, etxeaona, 10 km from Giverny.

In the morning, we had a healthy homemade breakfast and continue our little adventure in another garden in Grigneuseville: Jardin Agapanthe. This garden just open in the afternoon (2 p.m). We come early because we didn’t see the opening schedule, so we take a little walk in this little countryside and find a beautiful sculpture of Mary and baby Jesus.

We had lots of privet time in this garden so we could take a picture of us with a help of a tripod!

There’s less flowers in this garden but there’s lots of beautiful hydrangea and passage secret. We meet a funny Ms Duck who turn around the the pool with high speed and a kind Mr Frog who said hi to us. What a lovely afternoon!

Let’s collecting memories, not a things 😉

Thank you so much!


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