Boubou Adventure Time

Bonjour Ma Belle!

This summer, I took Boubou to have a long walk in a sunny day. He really love to take an adventure, go explore outside and nature. I love to look his happy face every time he had a long walk. But, to be honest, I’m kind of a lazy human who love to stay at home, because outside it’s really hot. So everyday we just took Boubou a little walk, but once in a summer, when papa at office, I took him to a long walk to explore with a bottle of water of course!

Here’s the memory that I can capture for Boubou adventure time this year:

 ss_MG_2625 copy


ss_MG_2689 copy

and I found a wild blackberry! it’s big and sweet. A sweet treat in a hot day, i’m so lucky! yummy for my tummy!

ss_MG_2599 copy copy

Lately, I just discover that my camera could make a video! After have it for around 6 years, Guillaume show me how to use it! So, I explore to make a video and it’s really fun! So, this year, I save Boubou adventure memory in a video:


What do you think? Do you see his happy face?

Thank you for your time to see his adventure this year!

Oh, If you like Boubou and think that he’s so cute, you can follow him at instagram @boubouledoudou. He will love to have a new friend like you! See ya!


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