Our 1st Civil Wedding Anniversary

Bonjour Ma Belle!

Yesterday, we just celebrate our 1st anniversary of our wedding civil at France. Guillaume stay at home and we enjoy the day: walking, talking, cooking and eating together. We talked about that day, remember how the paper work administration almost make us crazy, it’s really lots of paper works to do with French & Indonesian’s administration. Thanks God, my mom there’s for me. She did lots of paper works for me from Indonesia. Thank you so much Mommy! She’s the best mom in the world!

Now, I really love to share our photos that day by Benjamin Le Du. From preparation until cocktail, Benjamin and Muriel capture our moment so we can keep this forever. At the moment, the day pass really fast for us, glad we have our kinds and talented photographer to help us remember the moment! Thank you so much for such beautiful photos.

Wed Fransisca & Guillaume1

And here’s the moment we said <<Yes!>>

Wed Fransisca & Guillaume2

Thank you so much for everyone that celebrate that day with us.

And also, I just discover that our custom couple illustration in a list of wedding gift idea by the beautiful wedding French blog <<Donne moi ta main>>. What a gift! Many thanks for everything. We are so happy and blessed. Million thanks isn’t enough. Thank you and thank you again and again . . .

à bientôt!

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